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How often have we heard a call for Environment action? Expressions like "Save our trees", "save water", "save power", “save our earth" that we constantly hear brings out the huge need of the hour and action required. Though many are sensitised about recycled poroducts, using these remain largely an academic interest and not a viable one, due to a combination of economic viability, versatility, large scale availability and distribution. While there have been many recycled /hand-made paper in the past, we are proud to present our “ethical paper", India's No 1, 100%recycled paper. Its features, range of poroducts, the possible customisation, the feel-good factor of the associated brand message and more importantly the almost at-nar commercials makes ethical paper a viable alternative for mainstream paper.

Benefits of using ethical paper

  • Saves trees — since we recyce waste paper 

  • Saves water — since we reuse water during production

  • Saves energy – the cutting/ oushing of wood is reduced among others for recycled paper

  • Reduces greenhouse gases — if left unused, the used paper decomposes to emit greenhouse gases

  • Reduces landfills requirements — since the solid waste is now diverted from landfills 

Please join us in making the difference we just talk about. They say every drop counts, but here lies an ocean of an opportunity - where we are reminded of our environmental responsibility every day, while using the product. Jet us make a sea of change and make it better for the generation. Lets do the “Go-Green Way"!!

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