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Let’s say Ganpathi Bappa Moriya!! Again.

Festivities start as he enters our house to grace the occasion. Its common during festivities, that we also indulge in a lot of sweets and fried food. If you want to stay healthy, then follow these simple tips which is tried and tested.

1. Don’t miss your daily routine of your workout, if your not able to complete the full, do the minimal.For e.g Go for Jog for ½ hr /Brisk walk for say 30 min.

2. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Try to drink lemon water if you feel that you had a heavy meal so that it aids in better digestion. Try to have juices during puja which will get you refreshed. (Avoid coffee/Tea).

3. Keep drinking warm water throughout the day of pooja which will help in digestion and make you feel lite.

4. Have a light dinner the previous day.E.g Salad + Soup + Yogurt/Soup+Bowl of Salad etc. Try to have Curd/Buttermilk/Milk based sweets from skimmed milk.

5. Indulging in smaller portion sizes will always work the trick. If you are a sweet addict try breaking them into smaller pieces and have them.

6. Try to make sweets at home and use Jaggery/Dates as a sweetening option.

7. Try to make healthy foods during the festival, Baked modaks/Wheat modals, more of salads, less of fried stuff.

8. Try going on a detox next 2 days to ensure that your cleansed. You can try put smoothies/Yogurts/Juices as detox options.

9. In order to avoid health-related issues during this Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s make a conscious effort to alter our food habits & stay fit.

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